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4-Steps to Success

Our team of Salesforce experts will take the time to understand your business. Think of us as new employees who are eager to learn your ways.

This is important phase in our engagements as it will inform our recommendations on how best to proceed. Salesforce can be configured a variety of difference ways, but, in our own humble opinion, it is better to “measure twice, and cut-once” where possible.

Your teams will participate in information sharing workshops to ensure that your business requirements are well understood and that we’re aligned when presenting our strategies and solutions.

After completing discovery, the real work begins! Our team of Salesforce experts will implement and customize your Salesforce. This stage of the process is very hands-on and we’ll be working closely with your teams to make sure that everything is built to spec.

Implementation typically last a few weeks and our goal is to get your business using Salesforce as soon as possible! We’ll get your staff trained and will be ready to listen to their feedback. Actioning their feedback quickly will help your business achieve a high user adoption.

We can support your business implementing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Consumer Goods Cloud, Digital Experiences Cloud, CPQ, and Pardot.

Getting Salesforce “implemented” is only a milestone in your journey. It is vitality important to support your teams as they take their first steps into the Salesforce ecosystem (or get ready to learn a new feature).

While we include support in all of our engagements, the clients that have the best long-term success (and achieve even higher ROIs) are those that plan for the future. Our managed services program is ongoing support designed specifically to put Salesforce expertise within easy reach.

Support includes enhancements, training, and help desk requests. Our team continues to support your team with best practices and professionalism.

Reflection is arguably the most important stage in this process. Are your teams satisfied? Is the business seeing productivity gains? Was this partnership a success?

We take opportunities to make sure these reflections are completed and enact any course corrections. It is our priority to deliver on our engagements within the terms and spirit of what was promised. We’re open to receiving all types of feedback.

If for any reason your teams are unhappy with our performance, we will do everything we can rectify the situation. On the other hand, if upon reflection, you want to sing our team’s praises and tell your friends, we won’t stop you!

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What Our Clients Say

“Organized, strategic, and a wealth of product knowledge is how I would summarize our experience working with Moyers & Stark this past year. We deployed Salesforce and Pardot within our organization and after a handful of web meetings, trainings, and a few customizations we were up and running.”

Seth Nagle
Director of Marketing

“M&S ensured that the project continued to track green on scope, time, cost and above all quality, throughout the end to end implementation cycle. They provided valuable consulting advice that enabled us augment and enhance our requirements, while mapping them to existing product features and capabilities.”

Raj Sekhon
Sr. Program Manager

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